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Process and Equipment Configuration of Fully Automatic Pure Water Production Line

27 7 月, 2021

The pure water production line(pure water prodution machine)includes four parts: pure water production equipment, bottle blowing equipment, pure water bottle washing, filling and sealing machine,sachet water production line, and packaging equipment. It is used to remove impurities, particles, microorganisms and bacteria in the source water. After blowing and filling , Coding, labeling, and packaging to make it a finished water that meets the national bottled purified water standard, which can attract the masses of people from appearance to taste.

Pure drinking water production line process flow

Bottle blowing equipment: The operation of the bottled water production line is inseparable from the supply of bottles. The bottle blowing machine is used to make preforms into bottles. The process is as follows: the preform first enters the oven of the blowing machine, revolves and rotates with the guide rail to make the bottle The embryo is evenly heated to produce a certain degree of plasticity. Through the transmission mechanism, the preform finally enters the mold, and is formed under the action of high-pressure gas, and then blown into a bottle.
Pure water filling machine: It integrates washing, filling and capping. Its filling principle is atmospheric filling, that is, filling is carried out by the gravity of the liquid itself. It is suitable for filling PET plastic bottles with equal capacity of 350-2000ml. The same bottled water filling machine can realize the filling of bottles of different capacities, as long as the mouth diameter of each bottle is the same. Through the bottle loading device (bottle unscrambler), the bottles enter the air duct, and under the action of the wind, the bottles enter the pure water filling equipment in turn. If the output is not large, it can be bottled manually to reduce the initial investment cost and investment risk.
Packaging equipment: After the bottle is filled and sealed, it is output by the conveyor chain and passed through the light inspection equipment in turn. Under the action of white light, the artificial naked eye detects whether there are impurities in the bottle, and each safety inspection is done. Blow-drying equipment to blow-dry the water droplets on the bottle body to prevent the water droplets from getting wet on the packaging. Inkjet printers are divided into ink jet printers and laser inkjet printers, which print the current production date to give consumers a guarantee. The labeling machine is divided into a sleeve labeling machine and a labeling machine. Label the bottle and briefly introduce the quality of mountain spring water and the introduction of the manufacturer. The packaging machine is divided into film packaging and carton packaging, and arranges the disordered finished water in 24 bottles/bag, 20 bottles/bag or 12 bottles/bag.

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