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Maintenance Knowledge Of Packaging Machine

27 1 月, 2022

What are the maintenance knowledge of packaging machine equipment? In many cases, 80% of packaging machine failures are caused by improper operation. Therefore, in daily life, we need to understand the maintenance of packaging machine equipment in order to prolong the service life of packaging machine equipment. So, what are the common sense of maintenance of packaging machine equipment?
Maintenance knowledge of packaging machine equipment:
1. Setting the temperature of the packaging machine
The temperature setting of the packaging machine, the packaging machine should be used in an environment with a temperature of -10°C-50°C, and the air humidity is also particular, and the humidity cannot be greater than 85%. In addition, to ensure that the surrounding environment is free of corrosive gases, dust, inflammable and explosive and other dangerous goods, we must pay attention to the operating environment of the packaging machine.
2. Parts of packaging machine equipment
We need to check the parts of the packaging machine equipment frequently on a daily basis. Each part has its own function. If one of the parts is installed incorrectly, the packaging machine equipment cannot operate normally.
3. Check the three-dimensional transparent film packaging machine for Camellia oleifera
We should always check the three-dimensional transparent film packaging machine for Camellia oleifera, which is also the focus of packaging machine maintenance. Generally speaking, the packaging machine works continuously for about 2 months and needs to be replaced with new oil. If you find that the oil in the vacuum pump turns black or contains moisture, you should also replace the new oil immediately. In addition, the oil level cannot exceed 1/2-3/4 of the oil window.
4. Impurity filter of packaging machine
The impurity filter of the packaging machine should be removed frequently for cleaning, especially for the packaging of fragmented and dusty objects, the cleaning time should be shortened to avoid contamination of the packaged food.

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