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Common Faults Of Mineral Water Production Line

7 1 月, 2022

Mineral water is one of our daily drinking water, because it is convenient to carry, safe and reliable, it is loved by everyone, especially when traveling, meeting, training and other group activities, bottled mineral water is used. The mineral water production line is indispensable for the filling of bottled mineral water. The appearance of this equipment has improved the efficiency of bottled water filling. Of course, since it is a device, there will be problems. The common failures of this type of production line are as follows:
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1. Inaccurate filling volume

Inaccurate filling volume is more common in the application process of production line, especially when filling large-size materials, insufficient replenishment in the chute of the production line leads to instability of the liquid level. In this case, we can adjust the filling volume again. The ball valve above the material head may increase the replenishment amount, or reset it to extend the filling time and reduce the filling speed to solve this problem.

2. There is dripping after the mineral water production line is closed

If you encounter such a situation, the orifice of the filling nozzle may be damaged. At this time, the filling nozzle can be removed and trimmed before installation. It must be noted that the diameter of the orifice cannot exceed 7.5mm. After repairing the aperture, gently smooth the surface of the orifice on the water sandpaper. If there is no problem with the tank material port, then the ball valve in the filling head may be damaged. At this time, a new ball valve needs to be replaced.

3. The liquid level is stable, but the filling volume is not accurate

The cause of this failure is mostly caused by debris blocking the filling channel, mainly in the filling nozzle or at the entrance of the trough. It can be solved by checking and cleaning.
Understanding the common faults of the mineral water production line can help companies better apply the equipment. In addition, it is recommended to maintain and maintain the equipment on time. All equipment is “prevention over treatment”, which is also applicable to this type of production line.

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