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10 Technical Design Points Of Mineral Water Filling Machine

11 11 月, 2021

The mineral water filling machine is a relatively advanced equipment, with automation and technical control, so that everyone can better understand the composition and structure of the equipment. What are the highlights of the equipment design technology?
1. Use the man-machine interface to touch the control screen, which is convenient for parameter adjustment and various function tests.
2. The mineral water filling machine has pause and compulsory stop functions, which is convenient for first aid in any situation.
3. The pneumatic capping device has a wide range of applicability. Pneumatic glands are designed with different specifications and shapes, and can replace the rotating head to suit all kinds of bottle caps.
4. The height of the bottle can be adjusted as required.
5. The special multi-head dripless filling nozzle design system ensures that the production site and packaging products will not be contaminated by liquid materials.
6. The flushing liquid method of the filling nozzle is umbrella or linear, which can be used for filling with different liquid properties. Umbrella type can be used for foaming liquid materials.
7. The stepless regulator can adjust the speed of the stainless steel conveyor belt.
8. The main pneumatic and electrical components are made of high-quality accessories to ensure its stable system performance and quality.
9. The high-precision flow meter ensures that the filling accuracy is stronger than the industry regulations, and the comprehensive filling error is less than 10g.
10. This type of equipment has its own pump to pump the liquid, which greatly increases the production capacity.

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