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    Non-magnetic Empty Can Cleaning and Disinfection MachineMain Feature:
    A. The empty can cleaning and disinfection machine adopts the patented structural design of the turntable-type cleaning and ultraviolet disinfection all-in-one machine, which eliminates the need for old-fashioned magnets to absorb impurities such as fine iron filings caused by the flipping of the can.
    B. Ultraviolet disinfection and cleaning are completed in one station, eliminating secondary pollution caused by separate cleaning and disinfection.
    C. Compact structure and small footprint.
    The main parameters:
    1.)Disinfection speed: 1~45 cans/minute (frequency control)
    2.)Applicable tank specifications: diameter 75-130mm, height 80-200mm
    3.)Machine power: 1.8Kw (Philips ultraviolet germicidal lamp 25W, 9 pieces in total)
    4.)Main material: SUS304 stainless steel
    5.)Inverter brand (Schneider)
    6.)Main material 304 stainless steel
    7.)#502 Random set of mold #502
    8.)Power supply: three-phase 380V 50Hz

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