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    • Specifications

    High precision Metal Detector can detect all metals such as iron, stainless steel, and copper mixed into the product. It adopts a 304 stainless steel frame, which is thick and durable. New high-definition touch screen display, food grade belt, environmentally friendly and durable, with safety guarantee.High-performance Automatic Industrial Touch Screen Belt Conveyor Metal Detector

    Technical Description

    1.The hard filling technology head has first-class stability and is the basis for the long life of the machine head
    2.Intelligent learning function, automatic parameter setting, easy to operate
    3.X-R orthogonal decomposition and multiple filtering algorithms, better anti-interference performance
    4.Phase intelligent tracking technology, better stability
    5.Anti-interference photoelectric isolation driver, remote installation of operation panel
    6.DDS fully digital and digital signal processing technology improves detection accuracy
    7.American FRAM ferroelectric memory, lossless storage of 100 product parameters
    8.High-quality stainless steel 304 frame and roller components, strong and durable
    9.Can detect various metal materials such as iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and lead

    The Main Parameters

    1.Machine head size width*height(mm):600*400
    2.Detection width(mm):550
    3.Detection height(mm):350
    4.Detection accuracy(mm):Fe 2.0mm,NF 2.5mm,Sus 3.0mm
    5.Conveyor belt width(mm):520
    6.Conveyor belt length(mm):2000
    7.Conveyor belt height from the ground:380~750 optional
    8.Conveying speed(m/min):24
    9.Conveying weight(kg):25
    10.Power supply:380V Three phases,400W
    Belt conveyor

    Main Digital

    2.Belt:3mm white PVC,valid width 600mm,body width700mm
    3.Frame material:304 stainless steel
    5.Motor:Zhejiang Jinlong/Taizhou Deli

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