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  • Automatic High Speed Toothpaste Cosmetic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine.

    Tube Sealing Machine
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    Suitable for high-speed tube filling and sealing of adhesives, sealants, chemical and grease industries in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics and personal care industries.

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    We have experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

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    YCLD-T160 Automatic High Speed Toothpaste/ Cosmetic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine are smoothness of operation, easy cleaning, easy size change over and simple maintenance procedures. These combined with wearing property and the highest safety guarantee make this an excellent machine.

    YCLD-T160 is high-speed machine, and suitable to filling multi-typed materials as well. For those materials uneasy to filling, for example, food in large tube, ointment in small tube, this machine can provide satisfied quality of filling and sealing.


    Fully Automatic Tube Filling & Closing

    Metal, Plastic or Laminate Tubes

    Hot Air Sealing Technology

    Custom Profile Seal & Trim Available

    Unit Dose Filling

    Service and On-Line Support via Ethernet/Modem

    Vertical Bottom Up Filling

    Swirl Filling & Custom Fill Profiles

    Optional Sanitary Fill Station

    Clean Room Installations

    Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Sealants & Adhesives, Grease & Food Products


     Item Automatic High Speed Toothpaste/ Cosmetic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine.
     Type Hot Air Sealing
     Power 380V 50Hz
     Max KW 9.5KW
     Average KW 6.5KW
     Volume of Comoressed Air 40 to 60m³/h
     Water Consumption 6L/min
     Speed 120 to 150 tubes/min
     Fill Volume 1.5 to 300ml
     Fill Precision ≤1%
     Soft Tube Length 50 to 250mm
     Soft Tube Diameter 10 to 50mm
    • Designed to meet the validation standards of the Pharmaceutical industry.
    • Designed for the unique package designs of the Cosmetic & Personal Care industy.
    • Designed for the Adhesives, Sealants, Chemical and Grease industries.

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