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3 Factors Related To The Accuracy Of Powder Packaging Machines

18 11 月, 2021

The development of the packaging machine industry and automation technology has promoted technological innovation in the automatic packaging machine industry, making the packaging machine more mechanized and automated. Nowadays, automatic packaging machines have been widely used in various industries. According to the packaging materials, automatic packaging machines can be divided into powder packaging machines, granular packaging machines, and liquid packaging machines. Each packaging machine has different measurement methods and different precisions. So what does the accuracy of the powder packaging machine have to do with it?

1. Relationship with screw

Powder packaging machines, especially small-dose powder packaging machines, whose packaging weight is within 5-5000 grams, often use screw-in feeding methods, and they are still metering methods without instant weighing. Screw blanking is a volumetric metering method. Whether the volume of each screw pitch reaches the same specification is the basic condition for determining the measurement accuracy of the powder packaging machine. Of course, the pitch, outer diameter, bottom diameter, and screw blade shape will affect the packaging accuracy and speed. .

2. Relationship with screw pitch

Give an example to understand. If our powder packaging machine uses a φ30mm outer diameter screw when packaging 50 grams of disinfectant powder, the pitch we choose is 22mm, the accuracy of ±0.5 grams is above 80%, and the ratio of ±1 grams is above 98%, but What happens if a screw with a φ30mm outer diameter is used and the pitch exceeds 50mm? The cutting speed is very fast, and the measurement accuracy is about ±3 grams. The industry standard “QB/T 2501-2000” requires X(1) level measuring instruments that the packaging specification is less than or equal to 50 grams, and the maximum allowable deviation is 6.3%, which also meets the X(1) standard, but for customers, The packaging accuracy is directly related to the cost of the product. It is clear which specification is better at a glance!

3. The relationship with the outer diameter of the screw

Generally speaking, the powder packaging machine is generally determined according to the size of the packaging specification when selecting the screw for measurement, and the proportion of the material is also considered to be adjusted appropriately. For example, when our small-dose packaging machine packs 100 grams of corn starch, a screw with a diameter of 38mm is generally selected, but if it is packed with glucose with a higher bulk density, which is also 100 grams, a screw with a diameter of 32mm is required. That is to say, the larger the packaging specification, the larger the outer diameter of the screw selected, so as to ensure both the packaging speed and the measurement accuracy.

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