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  • High Speed Packing Line Machine (disk material)

    Automatic Packing Line
    • Specifications

    Suitable for hard products ( Round bar, Disk Shape, Block ), not easy to be broken, fragile and being scaling-off. such as caramel treats, peanuts candy, swiss rolls, etc.


    Connect the front-end production line or manual rewind to achieve fully automatic packaging.

    The disc is divided by the principle of centrifugal force through the internal and external turntable.

    There is a certain storage caching function, which is conducive to the operation of the feed line more continuous and smooth.

    When the output is large, the front end of the disc can also dock the distribution conveyor, with the simple side fractions and straight fractions

    The difference is that faster and more efficient.

    However, the product is required to have a certain hardness, the shape of a more regular.

    Reduce manual intervention, prevent food contamination and reduce human and logistics costs.

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